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A step for Educational Bright Future (Enlight life kids in need, Canada)

To improve our nation, we need to focus on education.

Enlight sees every child as our responsibility. Education makes first-hand in the day-to-day lives of children, and we assert that being able to learn in a safe and healthy environment is a right for every child, everywhere. Bringing education to underprivileged children wherever in the world there is need and wherever we can help. We do not discriminate on the basis of faith, ethnicity or gender. Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan along with the collaboration of Enlight Life Kids in need, Canada searched for those children who were not getting any kind of support from the Government related to Education. Then, Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan adopted 68 Children under Enlight Life Kids in Need, Canada of Class 10+1 & 10+2. ZYVS is paying all the expenses related to Education of those children. Approx 95% of children from them are Girls. The education is the key to Success. Some children watch other children walk past them to go to school, while they cannot, due to extreme poverty. For these kids it is not just the lack of a school or teacher nearby, but a series of barriers that stand in their way basic needs the rest of us take for granted, such as a uniform, supplies, or the simple need for enough food. Small impediments such as these can add up to a cruel, glass wall separating a child from his/her future. It is these barriers that we wish to tackle today, before another day goes by; before we lose another generation. According to a survey, a light was given on the graphs of education which shows: -

1 in every 11 children in India is working at the age of studying in school.
20% of Class 2 children cannot recognize 1-9 numbers. While 53% of children drop out from school at Elementary level.

Children in impoverished areas, without access to education, have limits imposed on them at a young age, before they have a chance. Far too often, we have seen the sad, sometimes devastating consequences when children had denied this chance. Children need love, care and affection along with the Education.