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Blood Donation Camp

Do you feel you dont have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life by donating blood! Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need.

Blood is Life. It is the most amazing fluid that keeps us alive. It is the most precious gift one can give to others to heal them and give them an opportunity to live. Each and every day, patients in more than 50 local hospitals are served by Blood Centers of respective areas which requires approximately 800 units of blood. You may not know who you are helping but this gift of yours can save their life. ZILA YUVA VIKAS SANGHTHAN has organized 58 Blood Camps and earned about 4032 units of blood with District Red Cross Society. Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan organizes Blood Donation Camps time to time to save lives. A team of Blood Donors is also present at any point of time to donate blood. Donation and Charity are two words which give satisfaction to your heart. And the satisfaction level you get when you save someones life by donating some units of your blood is beyond words. Being able to save a life is far better than to regret about it. If you save one life, you save whole family. Every person is known about the fact that Charity begins at Home. People only donate blood when their family members need it. But it is the moral duty of every person to donate blood and save a life. Now-a-days the Blood Banks stores this blood in sterilized bottles which are to be supplied in the time of need. But the increasing demand for blood at hospitals and other health centers cannot be met up by the limited number of professional blood sellers. We must all come forward to donate blood. Donating Blood does not harm anyones body but by some Units of Blood a life can be saved.