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Children are like flowers, if they dont get water (love) time to time they will lose their dignity.

ZYVS was selected as Collaborative NGO to run Childline, Ambala (1098) on 6th February 2011. The project is being supported by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India. A countless number of children go missing every year. The category of missing children includes a number of problems such as abduction or kidnapping of children by family members and by non-family members, run-away children or those who are forced to run away by family and surrounding circumstances, children who are in a difficult or aggressive environment, trafficked children, and lost children. Because of this wide array of problems it is hard to survey the number of missing children. Often cases are not reported to the police. As, many people dont know about it that they can also complaint. Children who go missing are either exploited or abused for various purposes. Today, there is a giant need of counselling of children as they are also every stressed may be because of school or issues at home and they end up by leaving their homes without thinking about the results. The main motive of Childline is to grant the rights and protection to every child. Protection of children is our first priority. Childline basically work for children who are in trouble and this trouble indicates any type of situation like missing child, child lost, protection from abuse, rescue from abuse, restoration, shelter, educational help, health related help, sexual abuse, sexual assault, child labour, drug addiction, conflicts with law, child marriage, sponsorship, etc. Whenever a child is in trouble, CHILDLINE is always there to protect him/her like a saviour. To save a life of a child or to save the childhood of a child is the prior duty of CHILDLINE. Till now CHILDLINE, Ambala had handled 1763 cases whether they are of child lost, child marriage, protection from abuse, education related help, or many more categories like this. Till now we had found 387 lost children, 195 children protected from abuse, 249 rescued from abuse, etc and rest of the cases are of other categories. CHILDLINE is there to secure the childhood of the child along with the future of the child.