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Health Check-up Camps

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Health Check-up Camps

Working closely with people of villages we focus on the overall health of people. If the person is unhealthy, there’s nothing much that he could do to be productive in life. Our organization organized Health Check-up Camps for those people who cannot afford high rated Hospitals and who don’t have money to treat themselves from health problems. Till now, 46 Health Check-up camps have been organized to examine the people by visiting Village to Village; about 13,800 people were examined and given medicines including the ECG and Blood Test free of cost.

The main motive of organizing Health Check-up Camps was to provide facilities to those people who don’t have enough money to afford the expensive tests and medicines. With the good health, they can earn their living but without it they have to face many problems. Life is a weary burden to a person of broken health. A person with perfect health does not shirk his/her duties. He/she can work properly and leaves nothing undone.

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