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Stories of Hope (Usha Silai School)

Women Empowerment

Kusum Lata

Kusum Lata (Age 41 yrs) told that USHA Silai School comes in her life (on 02-03-2016) like a blessing. Her experience was very good with USHA Silai School. Before taking training from Usha Silai School, she was facing many problems. When the team was having a conversation with her she said that her husband is very much addicted to alcohol and he does not support in any type of situation whether in the upbringing of children or running the house. Through stitching work, she takes care of her children and family. She said that even after so many troubles, I did not gave up and I continued doing stitching work for my childrens future even in the night. I also travelled village to village to find some stitching work so that I can make my children educated enough that they will live a respectful life. Even after facing so many problems she never gave up. Her efforts showed its colours. Her children are graduated now. She also told that through stitching, I tried awakening up the women who are also facing the same problem. In the Village Bataur, as well as on the behalf of Punjab National Bank, Kusum Lata also teaches too many girls and women of her area. Through this Kusum Lata run her house and earn some money to feed her family. Today, Kusum Lata is running her house by doing work of Stitching and Beautician. She is very much satisfied today because she has an identity for her own in the village. Kusum Lata has 25 years of experience in stitching. During the conversation, we noticed that her eyes were full of tears. Before joining USHA Silai School, she earned only 2000-3000 rupees per month but now it amazingly increased from 2,000-3,000 Rs. to 9,000-10,000 Rs. by teaching and by doing stitching. Now everybody of her area knows her by the name of USHA Silai School. She is very much grateful to Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan and Usha Silai Center.

Salma Begam

Salma Begam was very cheerful to share her experience with us. She joined Usha Silai School (On 15-03-2016) when she was facing many problems. She told that her husband is not earning anything. Through stitching work, she made herself stand. She told that at the age of five, my son was suffering from a chronic disease namely called Blood Cancer and we were not able to give him the treatment as we dont had enough money for his treatment, but still I continued stitching work for my son and earned money by doing work by going village to village, faced many difficulties. The amount she needed for his sons treatment was about 3 Lakh Rupees. But she never gave up. She worked so hard that she collected the money and made her son back to live healthy. After seeing me working so hard to earn money my husband also started working so that he can also give his contribution in the house. She also said that through stitching, I awakened many women and girls that if I can do something to make my house run, then you can also do that. During this whole conversation, she was very sentimental as she had suffered a lot. But the plus point was her will and power that she never thought of giving up. Before joining USHA Silai School she earned only 2,000-3,000 rupees per month but now she earns about 8,000- 9,000 Rupees per month by teaching and doing stitching work. She is currently running a school at her own house. She is giving her contribution in Women Empowerment. She is very much thankful to ZYVS and USHA Silai Center.

Stories of Hope (Childline)

Medical Help

Girl Child Name: - Unknown Age: - 2 Days Date: - 04.05.2017

A girl child was suffering from Hernia who was taken to the Civil Hospital for treatment but the Dr. said that we cannot examine her and referred the girl child to Chandigarh PGI as the parents of the girl child were uneducated & poor to afford the bill of Hospital. The Coordiantor of Childline said to the Dr. that we will pay all the expenses of the girl child and our Childline team members will stay with the girl child until she will be healthy. Further the girl child was shifted to the Chandigarh PGI for treatement. Continuously for whole 1 Month a Team Member of Childline stayed with the Girl Child. And the expenditure of her treatment was given by the Childline, Ambala and Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan. After consulting from the Dr. the Girl Child came back to her house.

Boy Child Name: - Gagan pal Age: - 15yrs Date: - 05.02.2015

A boy child was suffering from serious problem in which there was a great need of Kidney Transplant Operation and the family of the child was really poor and had no money to pay the expenses. The PKR Jain Medical Society, CM Window, Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan and Childline, Ambala helped the child for his operation and paid the expenses of his operation and medicines. After the efforts of them and Gods well wish the childs operation was held completely fine and Dr.s gave him the new life.

Boy Child Name: - Ajay Kumar Age: - 13yrs Date: - 16.05.2017

Childline, Ambala got the information that a minor boy is burnt in the School and is now admitted to the Garg Hospital. The Childline team rushed to the Hospital to meet the child, team tried to talk to him but he was unable to talk, then the team talked to the mother of the child; she said her son study in the Govt. School in 8th class. At the time of Mid-day Meal, the woman who make the meal in the school asked the child to take the Pressure cooker outside the kitchen which was filled with the Hot Pulses (daal) but incidently the foot of the child slipped and he falls down, the whole hot daal was falled on the face and hands of the child. The child was kept in the premises of the school and information was given to the parents, the brother of the child informed his parents about all this. After that the child was taken to the Hospital. The Childline team informed the DC and DEO regarding this matter and DC ordered that now the case will be handled legally against the Principal of the School and expenses of the childs treatment will be paid by the Administration. The DC filed the FIR agaisnt the Principal of the School. And the child slowly recovered.

Stories of Hope (Childline)


Boy Child Name: - Chunnu Kumar Mishra Age: - 16yrs Date: - 25.05.2017

A minor boy was found at Railway Station, Ambala Cantt by the Crime Branch who was lost from his home from last 4 years. The boy was produced before Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for further orders by the Childline team members. The counselling of the boy was done in which he said he is from Chhapra, Bihar and suffering from Fits. The boy stayed in the Childline Office, Ambala along with the Childline team members at the night. The boy stayed with the Childline team members for about 4 days and after the Orders of CWC; a team member of DCPU and a team member of Childline, Ambala take the minor boy all way long to the Chhapra, Bihar by Train and produced the boy before the CWC of Chhapra, Bihar and make the boy meet his parents.

Stories of Hope (Childline)

Shelter to Mentally Retarted Children

Girl Child Name: - Unknown Age: - 3/4Yrs Date: - 20.05.2017

A MR girl was found at Railway Station, Ambala Cantt. Further the DDR of the child was made and the Medical was done at Civil Hospital by the Childline team. The girl was not fit neither Mentally nor Physically. As she was not able to walk properly. After clearing all the formalities the Girl child and the Childline team members went to the Prabh Ashram, Kurali and shelter was provided to the girl.

Boy Child Name: - Neeraj Age: - 6/7yrs Date: - 04.06.2016

A boy who was Mentally Retarted and living with his Grandparents; as his mother left him and father was suffering from some serious disease. Later his Grandfather also died and his Grandmother was not able to take care of him alone and the child was tied with the rope at his home. The case of this child continued for about 1 month, all authorities were included in this matter including the NCPCR. After 1 month, the Childline team members took the child and gave him Shelter at Mother Teresa Home, Panipat along with the CWC orders.

Stories of Hope (Childline)

Protection from Abuse

Boy Child name: - Mayank Age: - 3/4yrs Date: - 01.06.2017

A child who was living with his Aunt (Bhua), was facing different types of abuse like his aunt forces him to stand in the sunlight in summers and if he disagree to that she beat him hardly. The Childline team went to rescue the child from abuse. And medical of the child was done in the Civil Hospital, the Dr. said that there is an internal head injury and marks of beating were also present on different parts of body. Furhther the CT scan of the child was also done. And the child was admitted in the Civil Hospital. Not only the CT scan, many tests were done to know about the health condition of the child. After all the tests, the Childline team member took the child and shifted him to the Shishu Greh, Panchkula along with the orders of CWC.