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USHA International Ltd aims to work with the women in the villages and believes that helping women develop their inherent latent potentialities would bring about a holistic development for the society at large. It has reached out to remote villages across the country. This is a community based initiative with the aim of empowering village women to become entrepreneurs and teach sewing and stitching within the precincts of their homes. In character, thereby implying that the programme is implemented for the economically poor irrespective of caste, class, religion or creed; this programme is necessarily “inclusive”.

The main aim was to empower the women of villages who feel that there life is just into the kitchen and household work. Women in India needs encouragement through which they can understand their worth and start giving worth to everything related to them. They can earn and learn together with the help of USHA Silai School, where sewing and stitching is taught to the women & girls free of cost and after the training they can run the school at their own houses. Through this they can teach sewing & stitching to the other women and girls of their village and by teaching they can earn money and living for their family, their children and for themselves. Today they are not dependent upon anyone for anything whether it is for living or earning, they can do anything and this anything means anything. They are not less than anyone in any way. There is a need to make them feel superior amongst all, so that they can understand their worth. Earning is said to be a difficult task but when a women decide something to do she do it with her full heart without any fear. They just need a direction which helps them to face everything in life.

USHA International joined hands with Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan (NGO) in 2012 to empower the women and girls of villages. Till now about 251 USHA Silai Schools are being run in different Districts of Haryana i.e. Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Kaithal, Panchkula and Kurukshetra and till now empowered about 5000 women/girls to make them capable enough to earn their living.