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Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan
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Vision And Mission

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is; A world where all humans even from the remote areas of the Globe- Hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others. The right to survive, protect, development and participation is equal for every person either a child or elder, either a girl or boy, either a woman or man. They all share the same rights. Together we can bring the change in lives of the people.

Our mission is; To enhance the quality of living for all the people. We lead a positive attitude towards the social change and deliver moral values to the youth. Letting people know the values through information, awareness, programmes, events, advocacy and services. Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan focuses on helping children, girls and women along with the elders by possible means. Empower women from most marginalized communities, as they make their livelihood that allow them to live lives in dignity and their households community and society be clean, green, safe and secure.

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