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Women and girls play a vital role in building a Nation or Society, to build a society up to a level where all the people are treated equally. In other words, everyone has equal right of no partiality at any point of time will be done whether to help or to prosecute someone. ZYVS focuses on women empowerment of women and girls as they are the one who is mostly affected by the poverty and abasement of the society. With the help of Usha International, Usha Silai Center was firstly started in 2012 to benefit the women and girls to make them Independent. USHA Silai School means a school of teaching women and girls in the village to sew, and this school is operated and managed by Women Entrepreneur using an USHA sewing machine. In one year, 10 centers are established in 1 District and each Center consists of 10 students who can teach stitching after their training to the nearby girls and women. A total of 40 centers are established in one year in Haryana. The woman in turn would have to in teach at least 20 students in span of 1 year. ZYVS has set up 200 schools in Distt, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Yamuna Nagar and Panchkula with support from USHA in past five years. We had operated 200 USHA Silai Schools benefiting over 5000 women/girls in rural areas. To make women and girls dependent on their own its necessary to make them know their rights. When it comes to equal rights and equality we are lacking. Many girls in India are not educated and are forced to do that work which they do not want to do. They experience many dishearten things which nobody can even think of. The change is much needed to develop the upcoming generation of the country. And this change is in our hands. Together we can and together we will. Girls have equal rights to study and to get education, to improve them and to be the part of development of India. As we say, Charity begins at home, same as, Change also begins from home. India needs a change to be a developed country and it will happen when the coming generation is educated. Women need safety, power, equal rights, education, dignity, respect from others, self respect, care and love. That is it, nothing more than that.